LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Someone stole a catalytic converter off a church van in Lisbon, but the pastor says he doesn’t want to press charges if it’s returned.

Reverend Brian Brown, pastor of Lisbon Church of the Nazarene, is hoping whoever took it will come forward.

Brown found out the news this past Friday.

He says he isn’t mad but wanted to spread a message of hope since it’s Easter weekend.

“You know, Jesus died in-between two thieves, and I go, with two thieves being there, one accepted Jesus and said ‘I’m sorry for what I did,’ and Jesus says ‘You’ll be with me in paradise.’ That’s scripture, and the other thief made fun of Jesus, and of course, he didn’t get to go to paradise,” Brown said.

He says a new converter will cost at least $700.