LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – The extension to the Greenway Trail in Lisbon is nearly complete. They still have a tad bit more to complete before the Ohio Department of Transportation gives their seal of approval, but it’s already seen some people use it in ways they shouldn’t.

The part of the Greenway Trail along State Route 154 outside of Lisbon looks about finished. All the asphalt has been laid and signs are up. One last part is to install crosswalks along Route 154.

“There will be a flasher that will be solar operated, have one of those solar panels. And when the cyclist comes up, they will push a button and it will flash,” said Eileen Dray-Bardon, with the Columbiana County Park District.

The project is well on schedule. Once ODOT approves, it will be handed over to the park district. But about a week ago, they hit their first surprise.

“We did have a problem — a vehicle driving on it. There’s a sign that says no motor vehicles,” Dray-Bardon said.

The signs are at one end of the trail. The tire tracks can be found on the wooden bridge, which is more toward the middle. There are multiple driveways that run along the trail where someone could have entered.

“I don’t think it was mistaken for a public right of way,” Dray-Bardon said.

A neighbor spotted it happening.

“They called someone that they knew that knew some of us, and we went out and looked and were like, oh my,” Dray-Bardon said.

The police were not contacted. Outside of the tracks, the paving wasn’t damaged.

“It can not continue to happen. So, we’re going to have to be taking some precautions,’ Dray-Bardon said.

Their solution is a post near the trail entrances, right in the middle.

“We’ll have to drill and dig and put this post there. It has to be so we can pull it off for maintenance purposes if we need to go through there with a larger vehicle” Dray-Bardon said.