LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — A Lisbon business owner has taken her grievances to city council after she was told a decal on her window was not allowed to be displayed — a decision that came from the Architecture and Historical Review Board.

The Lincoln Social Hall sits on state Route 30, in the middle of downtown Lisbon. On the front window is a decal with the name of the business. Owner Shannon Clark said she’s done everything to follow the rules but also said she’s being cited.

“…over the font I used in my logo that represents my brand for my new business,” Clark said. “They say the Lincoln Social Hall is not in code, due to the font used.”

Clark said many other businesses also don’t follow some of these codes.

Originally, council approved it as a temporary sign — but the Architecture and Historical Review Board took issue.

“All I would look at for her sign is the size. Her sign as a size, I’m good with,” said Zach Barkley, zoning inspector. “That board decides, in the jurisdiction that’s laid out in Chapter 146, on colors, on fonts, on material, on sign size.”

Since 2017, board members have been appointed by the mayor.

Members of the board were not at the meeting. One business owner asked what kind of accountability the board has.

“They’re just telling us what to do, and we have no method for us to change or modify,” said Mark Hamilton, owner of Source Gallery.

“When we were starting our business, we were told you could not put a sign up, but we could put what we want on the window,” said Dave Pancurak, former owner of Park Avenue Parlor.

Members of council felt Clark’s sign was fine as is.

“I like the font on the sign. I think it actually looks very elegant and kind of old-fashioned,” said Dawn Thomas, councilwoman.

Another business owner asked if council could approve of Clark’s sign temporarily.

“Is this council able to support Shannon unanimously and give our feedback?” asked Erin Moeller.

“There’s nothing in our laws that would allow council to override that decision,” said Alec Beech, Lisbon village solicitor.

Barkley said work is in place to put the board under zoning.