(WKBN) – One of the protestors at the Capitol last Wednesday was 45-year-old Adam Newbold, a retired Navy Seal from Lisbon.

He runs a company called Advanced Training Group Worldwide, which consults for federal agencies, law enforcement and the military.

Newbold says he did not go through the Capitol, that he was outside, at the doorway and on the stairs.

He believes the system of American government is broken, that the presidential election was fraudulent. But that broken system, he says, has elected a new president.

He says he’s supportive of the country and he’s still an American.

After Newbold left the Capitol last Wednesday, he posted a video on social media in which he said, in part, “It was historic, it was necessary, and the reason I say I’m proud of Americans is because I wasn’t sure if we still had the spine anymore. Now I see that it exists.”

Newbold says he attended President Donald Trump’s speech outside the White House that Wednesday and then marched to the Capitol. He says he was not armed and would not condone anyone carrying weapons in Washington, D.C.

He says he never heard anyone chant “Hang Mike Pence” or say they were looking for Nancy Pelosi. He learned all that later.

“I spent most of my time trying to de-escalate a largely volatile and potentially deadly situation. I stood with the police officers. I told rioters to stand down,” he said.

When asked at what point did he think they had gone too far, Newbold said, “I thought that only after we left Washington, D.C. My initial thought when I heard the Capitol had been breached was one of rage. How dare they attack our Capitol.”

“The assertion that I or anyone with me had the intent to commit sedition or to overthrow the government is absolutely absurd. I feel I have stood strongly for the government, the president and the Constitution,” Newbold added.

Newbold says he has been interviewed by the FBI and told ABC News that he is cooperating with the FBI.