LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – The village of Lisbon has become the latest community to consider filing a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern. Tuesday night, council met to discuss the next steps.

On the night of the East Palestine train derailment, Lisbon sent eight of its first responders. Lison Mayor Pete Wilson says he’s worried about the long-term health effects. He believes joining the lawsuit, along with other local communities, can help put money away if something comes up.

“The different meetings I’ve been to have all suggested we won’t know the results or the effects of what this derailment will be on people’s health for five to seven years down the line,” Wilson said.

Wilson says there is no cost to the village to join the lawsuit.

Wilson also says he has been in contact with the Columbiana County Health Department and they’re setting up a first responders baseline testing.

“Friends of mine that are doctors say baseline testing is really good but it should occur quickly, two to three days after an event,” Wilson said.

Lisbon Fire Chief Mark Hall says they’ve had meetings with doctors from the CDC. He said they’re having issues as well.

“He said they don’t know where to start the baseline. Two of my guys have said they’ve gone to the doctors and said, ‘We can do blood work. We don’t know where to start a baseline,'” Hall said. “It’s going to be 15 to 20 years. We’ll still find out results from 9/11, which was back in 2001. You’re talking 22 years down the line.”

Hall told the mayor they’ve already handled being compensated for their equipment.

The federal judge handling the lawsuit will consolidate all the lawsuits from the communities under one law firm. Wilson suggested going with the law firm that Salem is using, Morgan and Morgan.

“I think if you do have someone come in from the law firm, I think you should invite the center and Elkrun Township to be able to hear that same information that we’re hearing as well. Our fire department is part of them as well,” said Dawn Thomas, a Lisbon councilwoman.

Wilson suggested bringing in one of the attorneys to speak with council before making a decision.