LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — The Village Council of Lisbon is considering a plan to revamp the street department’s garage on Route 164.

In 2004, a major flood damaged much of the garage and street equipment and for the last 15 years, not much improvement has been made to the property.

Mayor Peter Wilson says the first step would be to fix the structure of the old street garage and then look at bringing in better equipment.

“That’s rebuilding the roof, putting in cement floor as part of the garage, putting on new doors, replacing the soffit, fascia, things like that, building a lean to the back of the building,” said Wilson.

The project also has plans to put in adequate drainage and improve the electrical conditions of the garage. In order for the project to happen there must be a full council approval.

“We’re looking for grants, I’m looking for grants, the village is looking for grants to help us defray the cost of rebuilding or restoring the garage,” Wilson said.

The preliminary cost for the rebuilding is estimated at nearly $147,000 dollars.
Due to the size of the project, it will go out for bid if approved.

“Given inflation and how building costs have risen, the price of concrete has gone up nearly 20/30 percent. The estimate is $147, I think we will be lucky to the project for $185, $190,” said Wilson.

The street committee is also discussing paying for the project out of the city’s general funding or using the American Rescue Plan Funds. Council is set to discuss and possibly approve the project at their January 24th meeting.

If the project is approved, the city is hopeful to begin revamping by summer.