Lisbon businesswoman brings dreams, family together with new coffee, tea cafe

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The new store opened April 1 just down the street from the Lisbon Square

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Janita Boles-Cochrane has a dream of owning her own cafe, and she’s taken one huge step closer to that goal after opening Suga and Creme Enhancements, where she supplies local gourmet-flavored coffees and loose-leaf teas.

It’s special for many reasons, and one of those is how her family is incorporated into the store. Guests are greeted by a beautiful counter with a fire-torch finish, which was built by her husband and brother.

“I have a flavor dedicated to my brother, who passed away last year. His name was DaSonic. It was a name he gave himself,” Boles-Cochrane said. “It kind of gives you a taste of orange juice and coffee mix. I would call it a breakfast blend.”

Boles-Cochrane’s sister owns the tattoo parlor next door and painted her a picture of a woman holding a hot cup of coffee. Lastly, they decided to open the store on April 1, which is her mom’s birthday.

“This feels like home, I’m comfortable here. The people here are really nice. It just is exciting just to even see people’s excitement coming in as well as them going out,” Boles-Cochrane said. “It’s different from sitting at a table and them coming to a table and then leaving, but it really feels like home. It has a different energy.”

Prior to having a storefront, Boles-Cochrane was selling her products online and going to various events.

“I got to sit back and watch her baby and her dream manifest into reality,” said Boles-Cochrane’s husband, Floyd Cochrane, III. “That was something good to see because I’ve really never seen somebody manifest their dream into reality like the way it did.”

Cochrane works part-time at the store and does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to help support his wife.

Boles-Cochrane said the first day went well and that their first visitor was Mayor Peter Wilson.

Boles-Cochrane says she looks forward to continuing to push toward her goals and serving the community.

“If you give to a community, it’ll give back to you. You treat people the way you want to be treated,” she said.

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