YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A traveling group of supporters of former President Donald Trump has been camping out at the Covelli Centre ahead of Saturday’s rally.

They came from all over — Indiana, Tennessee, Connecticut, Florida and near Cleveland. Some have been in Youngstown since early this week.

“We come and hang out so we can get a good place in line,” said Sharon Anderson, of Tennessee.

Anderson is part of a group called the “Front Row Joes.” They head to the former president’s rallies early to tailgate, in a sense.

“We don’t have any liquor or anything involved, but we tailgate and just hang out,” Anderson said.

“We share the same likes, mainly being Donald Trump’s policies,” Anderson added.

“I’ve met lifelong friends doing this. I mean, plus I’m traveling the country, seeing the beautiful United States of America,” said Mike Boatman, of Indiana.

This will be Anderson’s 27th Trump rally and Boatman’s 25th consecutive but 43rd overall.

Libby Earle DePiero has been to more than 60, while Saturday will be Jared Petry’s 10th rally.

They say the experience is one of a kind.

“I just love being there. It’s like going to a rock concert, like from the old days when you used to travel around. It’s like the enthusiasm and the crowd, it’s just such energy, and it gives you such joy,” said Earle DePiero, of Connecticut.

“It’s incredible. It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever had, just the energy and the passion and the crowd. It’s just really a remarkable experience. Actually, it’s kind of addicting. You do one, and it’s so exciting and fun, you look on your phone, ‘Where’s the next one? Where’s the next one?'” said Petry, of Brunswick, Ohio.

“We get together on Facebook to find out who’s going to what rally,” Earle DePiero said.

The group members say they’ve made lifelong friends attending Trump rallies in different parts of the country.