STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) — The saying goes “Lightning never strikes the same place twice,” — but some homeowners in Struthers might beg to differ after seeing two intense lightning strikes on Edison Street on Sunday.

One homeowner believes at least one of those bolts hit his backyard.

Surveillance videos caught two strikes four minutes apart — neighbors said their houses shook and items fell off shelves.

“Looks like it here on the tree, shot out through the roots on this side and blew a big hole on the opposite of my tree,” Jerry Sikora said.

Sikora owns the home where the lightning struck his yard.

“It ended up shooting all the way over to the steps, blew the steps apart,” Sikora said.

Unearthing landscaping timbers that have been in the ground long before Sikora moved into his house three years ago.

“Didn’t even know they were underneath the grass, lifted them out of the ground,” Sikora said. “It shot grass on top of my roof, on top of the house and also on my neighbors.”

The strength of the lightning that hit the base of this tree was so strong that it catapulted sod from the backyard all the way into the front yard of the next door neighbor’s house and it landed at least 100 feet away on top of their garage.

Sikora said he’s just glad no one was hurt.

“I guess it’s mother nature’s way of telling you anything could happen,” Sikora said. “I was going to dig it up and put a back patio here so it kind of helped me out with some of the excavation.”

Jerry says that he had that tree cut back just last year and says that probably kept branches from doing serious damage to his house. He also said if his electrical wiring and fuse box were outdated — the circuit breaker may not have tripped and prevented the surge from the lightning from catching his home on fire.