LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – A community forum was held at Liberty High School Wednesday evening to talk about social media.

The idea to hold the forum came about after the schools had to close for a day in December due to threats made on social media.

“We want students to know the consequences how making those threats, how posting inappropriate messages can influence their life moving forward. They can greatly jeopardize, you know, their future by making not very smart decisions,” said Andy Tommelleo, superintendent of Liberty Local Schools.

Several organizations were there including YUMADOP, the Red Zone and the Liberty Police Department.

They talked about ways to educate students on the seriousness behind what you post online and how it can affect others as well.

“It creates a lot of delays and disruptions and so many times these threats are not founded but they do create a lot of fear and panic in people so we have to respond appropriately,” Tommelleo said.

The forum was open to parents, students and anyone in the community. Tommelleo said he hoped more people would have gone out to the meeting, but they do plan to hold another one and that one will also be open for anyone in the public to join.