LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Going retro is now chic. Everything old can be new again.

Sweet Memories Vintage Tees has added a retro toy store. The vintage candy store that opened in February is giving you another blast from the past. The toy section triples the store’s footprint, with items like scratch and sniff stickers, Big Wheels, and other famous toys you haven’t seen in 40 to 50 years.

The new items are memorable for collectors and cherished by others.

“I want to bring something else to the community, vintage toys. It was a natural transition for me to say, you know, it totally makes sense that I’ve got the warehouse space, let’s convert it. Let’s make it a bigger destination place to find more of the things that people can’t find anywhere,” said Lind Barton, with Sweet Memories Vintage Trees.

Sweet Memories has also added licensed t-shirts with numerous Idora Park graphics and a line of soda drinks.

Sweet Memories has donated $40,000 to Akron Children’s Hospital since opening.