LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A second-grade student is turning his grief into something good in Liberty, with a plan to help others.

When you meet Dawson LaRew, the first thing you notice is his rockstar red hair.

“I’m Donald Trump. I’m cracking jokes,” Dawson said.

The kid does have jokes, even when you ask him how long his hair is.

“140 feet,” Dawson said.

Besides his sense of humor, the 7-year-old Blott Guy student also has some fantastic dance moves and is on a mission to use his hair for good.

“Donate it to wigs for kids,” he said.

Dawson started growing out his hair a year and a half ago. His way of coping after his uncle lost his battle with cancer in March of 2022.

“It was my Uncle Brian dying,” Dawson said. “My grandma Daphne is fighting cancer down in Florida.”

Dawson says the plan for his hair is something he decided to do on his own.

“Oh, I am going to get it cut just under, but when it gets long enough to where I want it, we are going to donate it,” Dawson said.

Blott Guy Elementary Principal Jessica Kohler said it’s all about being positive.

“Taking what we can from our experiences and making them something great, and that’s exactly what Dawson showed us today. I’m very proud of him,” Kohler said

Dawson’s mom said he’ll donate his hair at the end of the school year and start growing it out all over again.