LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Several neighborhoods in Liberty Township are dealing with logging behind their homes. It’s a sight they’re not thrilled about.

Catherine Campana has called Sampson Drive home for 30 years. Her backyard view has changed in recent months, all because of logging.

“Doesn’t look like a bomb went off back there? It’s horrible,” Campana said. “I could cry. It looks like a war zone. You’d think a tornado went through, and you don’t expect to have that in your backyard when you build these nice homes up here in Liberty.”

It’s a similar scene behind Virginia Trail and Academy Drive, too.

“I’m more confused and flummoxed than upset,” said resident Jacci Johnson. “It’s their property, whoever owns it, it’s their right to do this. However, it would have been nice to been communicated with.”

Two different companies are doing the work. One has a permit for property in the area of Academy Drive. The other has a permit for land behind Sampson Drive.

While some neighbors are upset about the appearance of what used to be woods, Township Zoning Inspector James Rodway said there is not much the township can do. He said in Ohio, timbering is an agricultural activity, exempt from zoning.

“We feel for the people because it’s not always a sightly process and we would like to have it in a better position, but I know our trustees are trying to work with the state maybe to see if we can change some laws,’ Rodway said.

One company owner said they are taking steps to improve the appearance to keep people in the neighborhood happy.

“I guess the question now is why I’m upset is either finish the job or come in and clean it up,” Johnson said.

A worker could be seen near Academy Drive doing some cleanup work.

The owner of the company doing work behind Sampsom Drive says the cutting is pretty much done, and they will be going back to do some cleanup.