FARRELL, Pa. (WKBN) — It’s a big week in Farrell. The school’s star football player will be on the sidelines though for the two biggest events of the school year. Wednesday, First News anchor Dave Sess was looking into why he’s been benched.

Farrell prom is this week and graduation next week. Anthony Stallworth Junior will miss both.

“Yeah, I’m very upset. They’re just doing me wrong,” said Anthony.

The school says he can’t attend the two big highlights of his senior year, after being late 40 times. Anthony is an honor student but feels picked on.

“They love you during football season but when you can’t do nothing else for the school, they throw their back on you,” said Anthony.

The main rallying cry here was ‘Let Him Walk.’ Anthony is Farrell’s all-time leading football rusher. These ralliers want to be able to see him walk across the stage for graduation.

“Of course, I’m disappointed. You work 12 years to walk across the stage, and now you can’t do it. It’s like yeah,” said Anthony.

His parents feel there’s no consistency in the school rulebook. We asked them if Anthony had been late 40 times.

“The fact that he was late is not the question. What is at question is the fact that they did not handle the rulebook. They did not make me or my husband aware of that in a timely manner. Had we not walked up into the school on May 2, we would not have known this,” said Anthony’s mother Natasha.

The family believes the school doesn’t care about Anthony anymore now that football season is over. Despite numerous attempts, nobody from the school district would comment.