YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – When Jacob Harver made the decision to buy the Knox Building 10 years ago, he knew it would become a staple in the downtown Youngtown community.

Harver grew up in Youngstown and says he remembers being downtown as a small kid.

“I just loved hanging out, I went to Ursuline High School, and I went to YSU for college. So just hanging out downtown, and especially the art community…also, I went to preschool up the hill at First Presb too, so I just been hanging out downtown all my life,” he said.

Harver opened the Lemon Grove in 2009. In 2012, it relocated two doors down to what is now the Knox Building.

Now, the first floor is occupied by the Federal. But Harver says the Lemon Grove is still up and running inside the building.

“Lemon Grove is the operating entity of the building. This space on the second floor is the Lemon Grove,” he said. “The third floor is the McKelvey Gallery, which is also home to Funny Farm Comedy Club.”

Third floor of the Knox Building.

His admiration for the downtown area is what led him to open his business there and allow it to grow over the years.

“A late night coffee shop, in the early days, and also an art and music venue, and it just evolved from there. Now, we have this large venue of multiple floors, and that was the main purpose of the move,” he said.

Harver says he named the building the Knox Building to restore a piece of its history.

“We call it the Knox building because it was built in 1909 by S.H. Knox Five and Dime, who was a cousin of the Woolworths. In 1912, all the Knoxes and Woolworths merged together and this building became a Woolworth then, from 1912 to 1984.” Harver said.

Harver said the building closed in 84′ then Rite Aid acquired it in 86′, then eventually in 2009, Rosetta Stone would acquire the building. Then, in 2012, Harver partnered with a previous member of Rosetta Stone to purchase the building. Now Harver is getting great use of it.

“It’s an event venue, a concert space, Funny Farm Comedy Club on the third floor, we do a lot of art shows too,” Harver said.

Artwork by Maple Turner, III displayed at the Lemon Grove.

Harver is now planning to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Lemon Grove at the Knox Building by holding a special event Friday.

The event will take place on the second and third floors of the building. There will be an art presentation by artist Maple Turner, III. There will also be musical performances by the Van Allen Belt, November Loop and Demos Papadimas. There will also be some interactive pieces.

“Ryan Jonquest doing the visuals, Lezlie Morris who did the maze, Eric Alleman’s gonna have the live print production,” Harver said.

Live print production station for Friday’s event.

Tickets to the show are $5 for Youngstown residents and YSU students and staff and $25 for everyone else. However, Harver says they won’t turn anyone away for inability to pay and welcome all to come.