LEETONIA, Ohio (WKBN) – Leetonia is getting a new playground for kids in the village, but they can’t put it in until the current one gets moved. So instead of trashing it, they are putting it up for auction.

A wooden playground set sits in Wick Park in Leetonia. For years, kids could come and play on this structure, but the village plans to replace it.

“Three, four years we’ve had to work on it. Stuff was coming apart. When out there one time, the slide came off,” said Leetonia Mayor Kevin Siembida.

It could pose as a potential danger to kids with bolts coming undone and rotting of the wood.

“We had a board crack on a kid and kind of slipped in there and some ladders coming apart,” Siembida said.

Over time, the playground set has taken a beating, so getting a new set seems to be the better option. It will save taxpayers money from maintenance. So, the plan is to auction the old set off.

“It would still serve a person good use with some work, some handy craft abilities to fix some things up,” Siembida said.

The village plans to put it up for auction on Dec. 14. It would be done online through baerauctions.com.

If you win, you have to remove the old set. Once this happens, the village can add in the new set.

“It’s just more open area. There’s more activities for kids to do. More challenging, like more jungle gym stuff on there,” Siembida said.

It will replace where the current playground sits now.

The new one was covered both through the general fund and the CARES Act because the current one is much harder to clean.

“The old set was kind of enclosed, and keeping it cleaned and preventing the spread of germs was harder. So this new set is going to be made out of stainless steel and stuff that will be able to clean easier and more open environment for our kids,” Siembida said.

They hope to have the new set in by the end of December, weather permitting.

Meanwhile, Leetonia was able to finish their new pocket park right in the middle of the village. It used to be an open lot, but it was changed to a small park.

It was part of a beautification project for the downtown area.

There is electricity that runs through it, with a Christmas tree in the middle.

Local leaders are hoping it gives the community an idea of the future.

“It’s just a small part of what’s to come. It’s a good example of where we’re moving as a community to help revitalize our downtown district and our retail district of the community,” Siembida said.

The pocket park is open to the public.