The Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership held a leadership workshop on Saturday to share how community gardens bring people together in the Valley.

Groups of innovative gardeners came together to share their ideas and show what they are doing in their own communities.

They also discussed how community gardens bring different organizations together that might not have met on their own.

“Connecting an organization that looks at green infrastructure and storm water mitigation and connecting them to community leaders,” said Keland Logan. 

Logan is the CEO of Colony Youngstown. He said these connections help his company grow.

Joan Sullivan is the president of Central City Neighborhood, an organization that helps build community gardens in Warren. 

“It’s bringing a healthy atmosphere, a family-oriented atmosphere back to the neighborhood. The collaboration between the neighbors and the residents have really turned things around for us,” Sullivan said.

“If we don’t have these kind of spaces to do that, sometimes we can’t see the intersections of our work and what we can be beyond just getting our hands in the dirt,” said Cassandra Clevenger, organizer of the workshop.