HILLSVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – A Lawrence County woman is among five people indicted by a federal grand jury on 15 counts involving a health care fraud investigation.

Michelle Romeo, 46, of Hillsville is charged along with Sam Halper, 39, of Miami Beach, Florida; Eva Hamilton, 35, of Beaver, Pennsylvania; and Susan Gilbert, 61, of Lawrence, Pennsylvania.

Two nursing facilities, Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center and Mt. Lebanon Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, were also named in the indictment.

The charges involved a scheme to defraud the government by recording false staffing levels in order to meet the requirements to receive Medicare and Medicaid and altering or creating false assessment documents to show that patients needed a level of care that wasn’t true or accurate to receive more money from Medicare and Medicaid.

Halper is the CEO and part-owner of the two nursing homes. Hamilton is the former director of nursing and Romeo and Haller are regional directors. Susan Gilbert served as the former administrator of Mt. Lebanon and the current administrator of another facility owned by Halper.

Among other things, prosecutors say the names of nurses who were not in the building were added to reports to make it look like nurses were there working directly with patients but they were not, patients assessments were falsified or doctored to show a level of needed care that was inaccurate or false and some nurses and staff were told to clock in for shifts they didn’t work.

All of this to get more money from Medicaid and Medicare, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors say the fraud started in 2014 and continued through 2021.