Lawrence County man volunteers his time and effort to clean up litter along side of the road

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“Oh my gosh, it just, it looks like a garbage dump,” said Ron Richman.

Richman has been going out for the past three weeks cleaning up trash along the side of the road in Edinburg, Pennsylvania.

He said he started cleaning up trash in front of his own property, but it didn’t stop there.

“As I was going down I just kept seeing more and more. I said, ‘well, I need to get some exercise any way, I need to get this cleaned up,’” he said.

Richman is a retired deputy wildlife conservation officer and he says pollution and littering were always big concerns of his.

“There’s a lot of garbage over that guardrail but you can’t see it from a car, but if you’re in a pick-up truck or semi truck, you can see all that garbage down over the ditch and, everything goes to the river,” he said.

In a big open space on the corner of Route 224 and Route 551, Richman collected nine 30 pound bags of trash. 

“In a 2-mile stretch of highway, we got 60 bags of garbage,” he said.

He says the city has been collecting the bags to dispose of them. He also says he has found all types of trash that people have dumped on the side of the road.

“One of the biggest things that I see here is diapers, bags of, shopping bags from different stores, full of dirty diapers, and they just throw them out the window,” he said.

A lot of the trash is hidden under grass and weeds, so it is not always easy to see. But, as he continued to clean, he continued to find more and more litter.

“Just stop and think what you’re doing. I mean, you’re just killing the environment,” he said. 

Richman says he hopes his good deed will send a message to others. To stop polluting, and to get out and help clean their neighborhoods. 

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