Lawmakers schedule meeting to question GM about selling Lordstown plant

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WASHINGTON (WKBN) – There will be another meeting Wednesday for lawmakers and General Motors to talk about the future of the Lordstown plant.

Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, along with Ohio’s Congressional delegation, have a meeting set up in Washington, D.C. with GM CEO Mary Barra.

Brown said he and other lawmakers still have a lot of unanswered questions from GM executives about the Workhorse deal. Specifically, how many workers will be hired, the pay scale, how much of the Lordstown complex they’ll be using and if there are plans for future expansion in the Valley.

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“I mean, I understand we can’t make demands but we need GM to make sure they’re selling it. If Workhorse is slated to buy it, they’re selling to a company that’s really going to produce and be successful in the Valley,” Brown said.

Last month, GM announced it was thinking about selling the Lordstown plant to Cincinnati-based Workhorse, which builds electric trucks.

Workhorse is one of several companies vying to build electric trucks for the postal service.

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