(WKBN) – A bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Congressman Tim Ryan, is urging President Joe Biden to provide additional military help to the people of Ukraine.

More than 40 members of Congress wrote a letter to the president. In it, they outlined areas where the U.S. could help Ukraine. Some of those areas are:

  • Defending the skies above the country
  • Countering Russia’s naval attacks
  • Increasing Ukranian ground combat capabilities

This comes after the images out of Bucha show the devastation and casualties left behind following Russia’s withdrawal from the city.

Ryan called what happened “absolute slaughter.”

“I just feel like we need to help Ukraine — push this butcher and his troops out of their country. I just think that needs to be the goal,” he said.

Ryan says he’s been pushing the Biden Administration for more than a month to give Ukrainians the tools needed to defend themselves.