Law enforcement in Hermitage cracks down on drivers along Route 18

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Route 18 in Hermitage has a reputation for being dangerous, so law enforcement is being more aggressive in catching drivers who speed or are distracted.

“I live out on Thomason Road and very rarely do I get onto 18. I go up and around to a red light,” Larry Canidotti said.

Heavy traffic, speeding and distracted drivers have caused 280 crashes on the stretch of highway since 2014.

“The problem I have is people driving. People driving and texting,” said Tom Kantner, of Sharpsville.

The state wants to make sure people feel safe driving on the road.

“It’s a major road that goes from the top of the state all the way down to the bottom,” said Joshua Kaufer, with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

On Thursday, the state unveiled special traffic enforcement. The City of Hermitage and Pennsylvania State Police worked together to stop as many speeders as possible.

“Our goal is to get motorists to slow down, respect the law, respect fellow motorists out here on the roadway,” said Hermitage Patrolman Brad Davis.

They clocked one driver going 76 miles per hour in the zone where the speed drops from 55 to 40.

“There’s a little pedal next to the gas. It’s called your brake pedal and you have a speedometer. Keep a look on that. You won’t get a citation,” Davis said.

People who live in the area said the patrols are badly needed.

“It’s not a speed trap,” Canidotti said. “I’m glad they are doing it and people start obeying the speed limit law.”

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