YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown’s law director announced at Wednesday evening’s city council meeting that, despite what Mill Creek MetroParks commissioners have decided, there will be no killing of deer in the section of Mill Creek Park that’s within the city limits.

The announcement by Law Director Jeff Limbian came moments after Youngstown resident Patricia Ferrara addressed council. She reminded them that it’s illegal to hunt and discharge a firearm within city limits.

Councilman Julius Oliver was also against hunting in Youngtown, saying the city has enough going on with stray bullets.

Limbian says Mill Creek Park is not like the Vatican — people in the park must abide by the laws of the city.

“Well, we’ll certainly let them know, put them on notice, if they engage in hunting in the city of Youngstown or discharge firearms or encourage that, there will be citations issued, yes,” Limbian said.

Hunting within Youngstown city limits is a minor misdemeanor, but discharging a firearm is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

The MetroParks commissioners recently voted to allow the controlled hunting of deer in the parks to control the population.

MetroParks Executive Director Aaron Young had this to say about the city’s claim: “I’ll have to defer comment until we’ve had the opportunity to review the issue with legal council.”