MERCER, Pa. (WKBN) – Residents and businesses in Mercer are going to have fewer banking options in the borough.

Within 18 months, there have been several bank closures in Mercer. In November of 2021, Citizens Bank closed its branch. As of last January 13, Huntington Bank also closed its doors. Then in April, PNC tells First News that its branch in Mercer will join the closures.

“A lot of small towns like ourselves, we’re always struggling. You know, we finally have some more businesses coming in. Now, we have the issue with the banks and it’s like, we can’t catch a break,” said borough council president Aaron Sines.

Residents and businesses still utilizing traditional banking will need to travel several miles to the nearest branch, most likely either in Grove City or Hermitage.

“You still have your businesses that still need to deposit, you know, get change that kind of thing and normal banking. Even us, just plain citizens, we still need to use the bank every once in awhile to go in there and do stuff. Now you’re going to have to travel seven to 10 miles,” said Sines.

The only financial option left in the borough is the Pennstar Federal Credit Union.

However, there are still ATMs for quick transactions within walking distance of the courthouse.

The PNC bank will officially close April 21 at 3 p.m. A representative with PNC says the receiving branch will be in Grove City.

Sines says the council is disappointed with the decisions. He says on their end, there isn’t much they can do and hopes this will give some of the locally owned banking options an opportunity to move in.