CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – According to Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene, 10 total people were arrested for a fight that led to shots fired at the fair at around 10 p.m. Saturday. Seven of the people arrested were juveniles and three were young adults.

Sheriff Greene said only one of the arrestees is in juvenile jail after being found with a gun.

“We ended up apprehending a 14-year-old juvenile that had a handgun on him, we also identified two vehicles that appeared to have bullet holes in them,” said Sheriff Greene.

Two vehicles on the scene were hit with gunfire.

According to Sheriff Greene, all of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct. Some were also charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. Tickets and summons were given.

Sheriff Greene said all arrests except one were made in the fairgrounds very quickly by law enforcement. Greene also said after the fight, one of the individuals took off running past Gate C where shots were reportedly fired.

There are no injuries that the Sheriff is aware of.

“We’ve been working really close with the fair board here. This appeared to be an isolated incident, you know a fight amongst juveniles,” Greene continued.

The Sheriff’s Office said there will be increased security at the fair. JAC Entertainment is running security for the Sam Hunt concert Sunday night.

“We have beefed up our law enforcement presence for the next couple of days just so people feel safe,” said Greene.

The Canfield Fair released a statement in a press release Sunday morning.

The fair board will not tolerate conduct like that which occurred Saturday night and will take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of all those attending and working at the Fair including an enhanced police presence for the remainder of this year’s fair. We thank the Fair Police Department, the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Canfield Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies for all their work in keeping the fair a safe place. As the incident of Saturday night is the subject of criminal investigation, the board will have no further comment at this time.”

Many vendors at the fair saw the altercation unfold. One vendor said the chaos unfolded quickly.

“A fight broke out right here and I didn’t think much of it, it happens. Then there was like five or six cops and a cloud of mace started drifting this way so we migrated that way,” said vendor Josh Level.

The Sam Hunt concert is expected to go on — rain or shine — and fair activities will be held as normal.

“The security is excellent for those concerts, you know, it’s the same company that did the one downtown, you know getting in to the concert they will be metal detecting,” finished Greene.

Sheriff Greene said they are still investigating the underlying cause(s) of the fight.

Samantha Bender contributed to this report.