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Landscape companies are feeling the pinch

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – We’ve seen a lot of rain so far this spring. Sometimes it’s tough not to let the soggy weather get us down.

Landscaping companies around the Valley are right there with us, and they are feeling the pinch.

We’ve had nearly seven inches of rain in June, and there are still 10 days left in the month.

James Copleland, owner of J.C.’s Landscaping in Campbell, said he’s struggling to find enough work for all the employees on his staff.

The wet weather is making him wait until yards dry up, but he says it’s better than the alternative.

“We’ll cut their yard and a customer will call and complain about the ruts, and we’ve got to go over there and it costs me more money with topsoil, grass seed and straw to fix the ruts or we could just wait a couple of days,” Copeland said.

J.C.’s Landscaping is finding work through removing trees that have fallen in the wet soil. Copeland says his company would be in financial trouble if they didn’t offer other services for their 300 clients.

“The good thing is that we do have landscaping crews out doing general maintenance like pruning shrubbery and stuff like that because it’s not too wet for that. We did a little bit of mulching yesterday, but it’s too wet to do some down and dirty landscaping,” he said.

More rain is expected Thursday before things start to dry out.

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