YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A lot of kids were off of school again on Tuesday, so that meant day two of sledding.

Kids of all ages enjoyed some downhill action at Mill Creek Park. Some even got bold and went fast enough to get some air time.

One child we talked to said this was his first sledding trip of the winter.

Avery Ruffner, of Hubbard: “My favorite part is going fast.”
Reporter Jacob Thompson: “How fast are you going out there?”
Ruffner: “I’m actually really fast.”

One group of kids decided to take it an extra step, hanging onto each other and making one long line down the hill.

“We’re just having fun here at Mill Creek and everyone was like ‘train,’ so let’s all hold onto each other and go down the hill,” said Connor Blasco, of Boardman.

The group lost a few people at the end of their initial go so they tried it again and everyone managed to hang on.

It was pretty packed too. About 50 to 75 people were out sledding around noon.