Kids hit the streets in Leetonia after trick or treating gets moved to Sunday

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First News Reporter Jacob Thompson spoke to a few kids about getting their fill of Halloween candy

LEETONIA, Ohio (WKBN) – The small village of Leetonia rescheduled its trick or treating date because of Thursday’s rainy weather.

On Sunday, First News Reporter Jacob Thompson spoke to a few kids while they were out trick or treating about getting their fill of candy.

“I think that it was a wise decision just because of the trees coming down. We had some trees come down. We lost power Halloween night in some parts of town here. So ultimately it’s about the safety of the kids here,” said Leetonia Mayor Kevin Siembida.

Parents agreed it was a wise move.

“There’s so many more kids out today than there was Thursday versus the other places that had, because I feel like it’s not as cold and it’s not pouring rain,” said parent Joey Lynn Corfee.

As for the kids, their minds were elsewhere. Nicholas Ketchum and Addy Boggs were thinking about Kit Kats while Dillon Beadle had Swedish Fish on his mind.

We all know how it works — kids put on costumes, go door to door and neighbors hand out candy. Still, some have “strict” rules to follow.

Jacob Thompson, “Are you allowed to eat it [candy] all at once?”
Atticus Siembida, “No, we have to eat our dinner first.”

Most parents don’t want their kids to eat it all at once.

Jacob Thompson, “How much candy are you allowed to eat at a time? Do you just go all in?”
Addy Boggs held up one finger.
Jacob Thompson, “One piece? Do you think that’s a little unfair?”
Addy Boggs shook her head and laughed.

These kids plan on protecting their treasure.

Jacob Thompson, “Do you plan on sharing any with your siblings?”
Nicholas Ketchum, “No.”
Jacob Thompson, “Why not?”
Nicholas Ketchum, “Cause it’s my candy.”

So it seems that Sunday was full of more treats than tricks in Leetonia.

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