Kidney stone season is upon us, experts say

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Here's what they recommend to prevent those painful stones

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – We’ve heard of cold and flu season, but some experts say this time of the year could be known as kidney stone season.

Doctors at NEO Urology in Boardman said they tend to see more cases of those painful kidney stones in the warmer summer months when people are doing things outside and getting dehydrated.

The lack of fluids is seen as one of the leading causes of stones.

“People just aren’t taking in enough water,” Dr. David Drevna said. “I like to use the old adage that — lemonade. If you don’t put enough water in and stir it up, you get hard stuff at the bottom. And the same thing happens with your kidneys — you start forming stones.”

Drevna recommends at least 36 ounces of fluids each day, preferably water or water with a little lemon juice mixed in. He said the citrus can actually help prevent kidney stones from forming.

“Adding a little bit of lemon juice or some other type of citrus juice actually has citric acid in it, which helps prevent kidney stones. So the more of that you can get, the better. We like to tell people, stay away from pop, soda, things like that. It actually contains phosphoric acid, which can lead to kidney stones.”

The doctor said tea drinkers may need to be careful as well, since the oxilates in tea can lead to stones being formed.

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