(WKBN) – New Year’s Eve is typically known for loud fireworks and large parties.

Both can be very scary and dangerous for your furry friends.

Animal Charity urges pet owners to create a relaxing environment for their animals.

Jane MacMurchy from Animal Charity said animals shouldn’t attend parties.

Various food for people at those parties can end up in the paws of pets.

Alcohol and various foods can be poisonous to animals.

A loud firework show can cause severe anxiety for some animals as well.

“We recommend a lot of exercise and brain stimulation that day so a long walk, some puzzle games, Kongs, a lot of affection. So that way their day is full and they’re tired when it comes (time) for fireworks,” MacMurchy said.

Animal charity suggests creating a relaxing space for your pets to distract them from any potential loud noises.