(WKBN) – Fourth of July means hearing those loud booms. Fireworks can be fun, but they can be scary for your furry friends at home.

Shelly Marlowe, President of the Board of Animal Charity of Ohio said the noise triggers anxiety in many pets.

“Parties themselves are one thing with noise but when you’re getting fireworks involved, it’s a completely different aspect and most dogs are terrified of them,” she said.

The fireworks can scare casts, too. Marlow says there are some ways to keep your pets safe and comfortable.

“Make sure your pets are microchipped, which we always recommend, and make sure the information is up to date,” she said.

Information like a current address and an updated phone number are crucial in an instance that your dog gets out. Marlowe said a fence may not even stop your worried animal.

“Even if you have a fence, make sure you are keeping your eye on the pets at all times. You’d be surprised what dogs can do when they’re scared and looking for a way out of a situation,” Marlowe said.

Animal Charity also suggests different activities for your furry friend. A long walk before you head out to see fireworks could tire your dog out, making it more relaxed once the sun goes down. Providing a treat could work, too.

“And then there are things like Kongs. Like the peanut butter in a Kong and freeze it. Give them something just to focus on,” Marlow said.

All dogs are different. Some like a quiet and dark place. Others like the TV on to drown out the loud booms from the fireworks.

“There are a lot of things to keep in mind with your pets, but you know your pet more than other people so kind of just find out what works for them,” Marlowe said.

Veterinarians can prescribe medication to calm your pet as well.