Keeping pets calm during 4th of July celebrations and fireworks

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When it comes to keeping your dogs calm experts recommend keeping them distracted

(WKBN) – We’re less than a week away from the 4th of July and some people have already started celebrating with fireworks. However, the loud noises could have a negative effect on pets.

This is the busiest time of the year for animal shelters and rescues because pets who are scared by the fireworks end up escaping and wandering away from home.

Experts say it’s important to be prepared. Always make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag and try and get your dog microchipped if possible.

When it comes to keeping your dogs calm experts recommend keeping them distracted.

“Giving them something like high rewarding like a peanut butter kong or a frozen puzzle is a good place to start. Staying with theM, Staying in doors, keeping a calming or familiar sound going like the tv or just doing your normal activity or normal routine,” said Jane MacMurcy.

Experts say if those don’t work there are calming products you can buy or even see your vet.

A lot of fireworks displays are cancelled this year, which means more and more firework displays will be popping up around neighborhoods. This can be a scary time for pets, especially with the loud noises even closer to home.

Because of the loud noises – many pets get scared or anxious and a lot of them run off as they’re trying to escape the noise of the fireworks.

They suggest keeping them in a comfortable, familiar area and turn on the TV or something to drown out the noise of the fireworks a little bit and maybe a toy to play with.

“The increase usually ramps up once it gets closer to the fourth. Stays at this elevated peak for about a week to 10 days and then slowly tapers back off. This is definitely the busiest time of the year,” said MacMurchy.

They also say exercising your dog during the day could tire them out for the fireworks.
Animal Charity says this is the busiest time for them and other rescues and shelters across the area.

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