Keeping computers safe for kids during virtual learning

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It's important to have conversations with your kids about the dangers of the internet

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The pandemic has made virtual learning the new way of life for schools across the country, and computer security experts are now warning parents about the dangers your child can have with the computer.

For example, if they get a link in a text or an email, how do you know where that link is going to take you? Some links are used by scammers and people trying to steal personal information every day.

Now with kids learning from home, they’re looking at it as an easy opportunity.

If you are unable to supervise your kids while they’re on the computer, there is nanny software out there to help you.

Those can be used to help with suspicious emails and links, and also gives you a full report on your child’s activity online.

It’s important to install all updates on your devices.

“If Microsoft asks you, ‘Hey, should I do these updates?’ you absolutely should because those have security patches which are going to keep your operating system, which could be Windows, it keeps it strong and it’s your first line of defense if anyone wants to come into your computer,” said Kelli Gould from Cyber Express, an online security company in Boardman.

It’s also important to have conversations with your kids about the dangers of the internet too.

Experts at Cyber Express have seen their fair share in new residential customers since the beginning of the pandemic. They said they’ve seen parents come in and ask for security software, new computers for their children to learn on and webcams.

One of the most important things you can do is to update and complicate passwords.

“Keep track of your passwords. Also, change your passwords and don’t use the same password for everything because when one password is figured out, they can figure it out for everything, so if they get into mom and dad’s Gmail, perhaps they have access to your kids,” said Gould.

Security experts recommend using different devices for work versus just browsing the internet. Make sure those devices are all up to date with the latest software.

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