(WKBN) – Cemeteries are a final resting place. They shouldn’t cause any strife, but sometimes loved ones see conditions they don’t like. The state has tips on how to handle it.

Cemetery maintenance can be tough with the grass growing so fast. The state has minimum maintenance guidelines which include cutting the grass at least once a month, removing trash and funeral flowers monthly and even sodding or seeding graves within one year of internment. They can’t be ignored.

“It’s so lush and green, but it’s also almost impossible to keep maintained. There are laws, and it’s not just a recommendation anymore,” said Anne Petit, superintendent, Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing.

If cemetery visitors notice those guidelines are not being met, the first thing is to bring it to the attention of the cemetery’s owner or operator.

“Often if you approach a maintenance person, he or she isn’t in a position of authority to actually take any action,” Petit said.

Ohio has a cemetery dispute resolution commission that handled 257 cemetery complaints over the last five years. It prefers the parties try to work things out before it gets involved. The law applies to all graves and is in effect on more than just holiday weekends.

“It certainly applies every day of the year and to everyone who’s interred in our Ohio registered cemeteries,” Petit said.

The guidelines issued by the state are online and you can file a complaint there, too.