LEETONIA, Ohio (WKBN) – The holiday season is a busy time. Often time, lots can get overlooked – like your pets.

Christmas hazards for pets are something you’ll want to be aware of if you have a furry friend who will be joining in on all the festive fun.

Margee O’Donnell-Foust with Bark Veterinary Clinic in Leetonia says one of the biggest things to watch out for in your pets is pancreatitiS, which can happen after a rich or fatty meal if your pet isn’t used to such foods.

“The signs are them just not feeling well, vomiting, not eating, not moving. Some of them can get very sick and need fluids and medicines to calm down their stomach and just make them more comfortable,” O’Donnell said.

Pets may even need to be hospitalized in really severe cases. O’Donnell suggests healthy foods for your pet that are low in fat, and she says there are other alternatives to get your pets in the holiday spirit.

“There’s a lot of different treats that you can make. There’s little tuna treats for the kitties that are healthy and then peanut butter or pumpkin. Not too much peanut butter, but just plain pumpkin can be really healthy and calming for their digestive tract,” she said.

Christmas trees and parties can pose other risks for your pet.

“If you have a live Christmas tree, we don’t recommend treating that water because pets love to drink it, and most of the treatments to keep your tree alive longer can be toxic,” O’Donnell said. “If you have holiday guests, ask them to keep their purses or their luggage up. We’ve had pets get into medicines.”

Margee says this is also the season for dog bits and dog fights.

“If you are having a ton of house guests, having an area where they (pets) can get away and just be by themselves and calm down or talking to your vet about anxiety medicine if either traveling or having the visitors, which is really hard on them,” O’Donnell said.