Keep an eye out for these yard munchers; they could destroy your lawn

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Fall armyworm 6

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Ohio State University Extension Office is warning about a worm that could kill large areas of grass.

There have been numerous reports of fall armyworm eggs in pastures and hayfields in Kentucky and now the worm has been ramping up across Ohio and the Northeast region.

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Right now, it is important to scout for feeding damage, egg masses, and the caterpillars themselves (an easy identifier against similar species is the characteristic “Y” shape behind the head), according to an update from the extension office.

Fall armyworms feed on well over 100 different types of plants, however, they are feeding on forage fields and turf right now.

Two to three caterpillars per square foot or more could cause a lot of damage and you might want to consider using an insecticide.

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