AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – An all-female band in the area played Tuesday night in Austintown. The band is a trio, all of whom have 15 to 20 years of musical experience. They call themselves Untamed. They’ve only been together for two months, but they’re already consistently booking gigs.

They started off their concert at El Cowboy Restaurant by showing off their harmonies.

“I find it fantastic that three girls can work together,” said band member Becky Kimble.

“This is my favorite music project yet. We’re like best friends now,” said band member Ashley Kermec.

“We blend very well vocally, which is one of the things that brought us together,” said band member Jen Carey.

It was Carey who pushed for the all-female band. Carey is also part of the band Blue Siren.

“She came and worked with me a little bit. Came and worked with Becky, and the one day we’re like, let’s all three of us get together and jam,” Kermec said.

“It took me like a split second. I just thought, ‘Perfect. Let’s do it,'” Kimble said.

Kimble also plays in the band Goes Like This and the Fleetwood Mac tribute band Silver Springs.

All the women believe that Untamed is the only all-female group in the area.

“You always see the big band with all the males and then that one female lead,” Kermec said.

But when asked why there aren’t more all-female bands, no one had an answer.

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” Kimble said.

“I think everyone expects us to just be doing like the slow blues and Norah Jones and Whitney Houston type of music. But actually, we do all different genres from Journey to Aerosmith to Blondie,” Kermec said.

“When we came together, I think everybody was really happy, like, ‘Hey. It’s about time the three of you got together. We’ve been waiting for this,'” Carey said.

Right now, Untamed is just a trio, but they’re not opposed to adding other females. What they’d like to get is a female drummer to round out the entire sound.