A jury has found Claudia Hoerig guilty of aggravated murder in the shooting death of her husband, Major Karl Hoerig, in March of 2007.

On Thursday, prosecutors got the decision they had been working so hard for over the years. It’s been a long fight in the quest for justice.

It took more than a decade to get Claudia in a Trumbull County courtroom but just under three hours for a jury to convict her.

Throughout the trial, Claudia admitted to pulling the trigger and killing Karl but maintained the shooting was not planned.

The jury disagreed and found her guilty of shooting and killing Karl before taking off to her native country of Brazil.

“It’s kind of emotional,” said Paul Hoerig, Karl’s brother.

It was a long-awaited moment for Karl’s family but they say the mission isn’t done.

“The family’s extremely happy with the jury’s verdict but it’s not over yet until the sentencing,” Paul said.

Claudia’s attorneys didn’t dispute the shooting. Instead, they said it happened after she “lost her temper” due to statements Karl made.

She took the stand on Wednesday, testifying that she shot Karl after she threatened to commit suicide. She said Karl didn’t care and told her not to get blood on his paintings.

Claudia said before that, she told Karl she was pregnant but he didn’t want the baby.

However, prosecutors said there was prior calculation in the killing. They pointed to Claudia’s purchase of the gun with a laser sight two days before the shooting. They added that she sent almost $10,000 to Brazil before the shooting.

Claudia went to Brazil after killing Karl, saying her family convinced her to flee the country instead of committing suicide.

The jury reached a verdict on Day 8 of her trial. They were able to consider lesser charges in their verdict but decided Hoerig was guilty as charged.

“She only cried when she talked about her dad,” said Stephen Bistarkey, juror #10. “She didn’t even look like she cared about killing Karl.”

He said it was difficult to see Karl’s family in the courtroom.

“It was heartbreaking for me, watching the family sit right here, just watching them cry and they want justice, and she was just trying to fight something she did. She was guilty for it.”

Hoerig stared straight ahead as the verdict was read but began crying as she was ushered out of the courtroom.

Judge Andrew Logan revoked Hoerig’s bond. She’ll remain in the Trumbull County Jail until her sentencing on February 8. She faces up to life in prison.