CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — A big part of the Canfield Fair is the junior fair, and a part of that junior fair is showing animals in a judged competition.

Junior fair contestants typically receive their steer around Oct. They have 10 months to work with them.

Zoey Douglas is a steer show-woman who is also on the junior fair board. She said the steer judging is very detailed.

“You want like a good structure and they’re like a nice, sound animal. So they look good like they’re not uneven on the top or…their front legs and back legs aren’t twisted out or in,” said Douglas.

Douglas said it’s a lot of hands-on work to get to the fair.

“We feed them, water them, everything. We have to work with them regularly throughout the year so they’re ready to come here and show,” said Douglas.

Showman Nick Perry broke his wrist while working with his steer, Big Mac. He said it’s important to take the proper time to work with your steer.

“When you get him, let him be. Let him get settled in and then the next week after like two weeks in I’d start sitting in with him. Let him come up to you and start sniffing and then start making moves like putting the halter on and end up trying to walk him,” said Perry.

Raising these steers can actually be a costly process so the funds that are received from the auction are typically put into raising next year’s steer.

“It’s for a better cause here because it’s supporting these kids. Most of the time the kids go, they’ll take the money to get to next year’s project or towards college,” said Douglas.

The judging will take place at 8 a.m. on Friday and the auction will be at 7 p.m. Anyone can register to bid.