June bringing awareness to men’s health

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(WKBN) – June is Men’s Health Month. 

While you may know men that take care of themselves, there are still some things that men are at risk for. 

Some men, as they get older, feel that they don’t need to go to a doctor’s office regularly. This can lead to big problems. 

The top causes of death for adult men in the United States are heart disease, cancer, and unintentional injuries.

A lot of these diseases don’t come overnight, they are referred to as “creeping conditions” in which the man won’t know until it’s too late. This is why more men are diagnosed with the conditions — their lack of visits to a primary care doctor.

MedExpress Area Medical Director Dr. Janene Klein says going to the doctor’s regularly is crucial. 

“You really need a yearly health exam and that’s mainly to keep a good eye on the blood pressure, blood sugar, monitor your weight because we know creeping obesity is responsible for the development for a lot of the chronic diseases, and people may not weigh themselves on a daily basis.”

You should always check your specific needs with your doctor because you may need more visits throughout the year.

Changing your lifestyle habits can be tricky. Some doctors say easing your way into it can help make a huge difference.

Some of the statistics for men are disturbing:

  • The average life expectancy for men is about 76 years old. This is 5 years less than women.
  • Men are 71 percent more likely to suffer from obesity than women.
  • Men are also less likely to go to the doctor’s office than women.
  • Klein says diseases can lead to bigger problems over time.

“Unfortunately, across the country, we see a lot of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and the consequences of that which can be stroke and chronic heart disease that is disabling.”

Here are some of the other things doctors recommend doing:

  • Watch your diet and make sure you’re eating less processed or high in sodium foods.
  • Get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • Get screened for many diseases especially heart disease, cancer and STIs.

Klein says don’t ignore the warning signs of any conditions.

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