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Judge sentences man for 2016 shooting death in Youngstown

Kimani Hodges was sentenced to life in prison without parole

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - The man found guilty of a 2016 Youngstown murder case was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday. 

In June, a jury found Kimani Hodges guilty of aggravated homicide in the death of Jason Fonseca. 

Police found the victim outside of his Ayers Street home on the city's east side. Prosecutors said the two were arguing about a woman before the shooting. 

The mother of Fonseca, addressed the court before sentencing, asking for a tough sentence. She said Fonseca was a "good boy" who never caused problems. 

"I have my son's blood that was still left in the street that I ate for nine months because I felt like I couldn't live without him. I had to put him back in my womb. I ate my son's blood. How's that feel?" she said to Hodges. "How's that feel, knowing you hurt someone? You took someone's life?"'

Watch: Victim's mother addresses court

Hodges also gave a statement, explaining that he had every intention of taking the stand in his own defense to explain his side of the story, but he didn't.

"I feel I should be more self-reliant and represent myself in this case, as I started in 2016, but how could I know my lawyer wouldn't be calling my alibi to the stand?" he said.

Olivera wasn't buying any of Hodges' excuses.

"I find it kind of funny. He sits here and blames the system for his own actions," she said. 

Olivera said she has pictures and some of her son's clothing, but nothing could bring him back.

"I'm going to stand here now and wipe these tears off 'cause I'm going to stand here like the strong mother I've always been," she said. 

Hodges said he plans to appeal the aggravated murder conviction. He asked the judge to appoint a new lawyer for him.

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