Jogger attacked by dog in Ellsworth Township

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The dog also attacked its owner, who was trying to help the jogger

ELLSWORTH TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A woman is being treated for several bites after she was attacked Monday while jogging on a road in Ellsworth Township.

It happened just after 9 a.m. along the 4500 block of S. Duck Creek Road.

A neighbor said the large dog ran out and bit the jogger several times as she was passing a house.

The dog also attacked its owner, who was trying to help the jogger.

Police cited the owner twice — for failure to confine the dog and for not being able to provide documentation of a rabies vaccine.

The jogger was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Mahoning County Dog Warden Deputy Dave Nelson said the dog will undergo a series of health screenings before it is put down.

“We get calls like this pretty regularly, believe me, where the owner can’t control it. For some reason, the dog went off the deep end so then what everyone starts worrying about is the rabies thing. That’s why now the quarantine period walks the dog, gets a hold of the health department and we’ll see from there exactly what it comes back as.”

The victim lives in the area and runs by the house at least three times a week.

Nelson advises all pet owners to spay and neuter their dogs and keep an eye out for signs of violent behavior.

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