LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ultium Cells is in startup mode. Our news team was inside the plant Tuesday but since much of the work is proprietary videotaping wasn’t allowed.

Ultium is hiring. Ultium has 700 workers already.

The company provided us with some video of the facility without showing any of the technology secrets.

“Being part of that, being part of that startup and the excitement of producing these battery cells for the new EV market — it’s got everybody pumped up,” said Chris Allen, a spokesperson for Ultium Cells.

The workers are preparing for production to begin. The workforce will just about double when that happens.
There are a number of positions available, and you don’t need manufacturing experience to be placed in these positions.

“What we look for is fit, meaning can you learn? Can you apply the learning, and can you teach others?” Allen said.

Ultium feels it can teach you the jobs and duties you need to know in these positions. It has three production areas, electrode, cell assembly, and formation. Robots do much of the work, but humans calibrate the machines and operate them using touchscreens.

The batteries go into packs and those battery cells ultimately power vehicles.

“We want to see that energy, and I think most people that are coming here are showing that and wanting to be part of it,” Allen said.

Ultium also has professional openings, needing engineers and people in human resources.

It’s an exciting time as the technology is just getting off the ground. Ultium figures to play a big role in the future, and this is your opportunity to get involved — as it’s just starting.

“I look at this as a career when we’re talking to people it’s not about getting a job. It’s about creating a career for yourself and being able to progress within the company as we start up all these different projects,” Allen said.

Ultium Cells will have four locations across America. Warren; Lansing, Michigan; Spring Hill, Tennessee; and a fourth location still to be announced.

You can search for job openings and apply online at ultiumcell.com. Click the Apply tab.