SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – A small company in southern Mahoning County is making a huge impact. It gets parts from around the region and adds a final touch.

1Coat Powder Coating is small but mighty in the field, and they are hiring.

Manufacturers of parts know the right finish can make a world of difference. 1Coat Powder Coating applies that perfect finish.

“That’s been a big push for manufacturers to go to this process. Powder coatings are also more durable than the standard application of liquid paint,” said owner Tyler Chaboudy.

And there’s no waste. 1Coat needs entry-level laborers, plus sandblasters and powder coaters. It’s willing to train you if you’re at least 18 years old.

Nick Moore is a laborer there and he said you can start from scratch.

“We prefer to have a little bit of experience, but you don’t need it you can come here straight from high school and get yourself a career for the rest of your life.

Moore grew up in Columbiana. He’s been working a year as a general laborer for 1Coat. The company was opened in 2019 by Tyler Chaboudy and a friend.

Sandblasters prep parts before any powder coating can be done. That removes imperfections before the parts are chemically pretreated. Laborers load the line for production.

“The powder coaters going to be a specialty position. You’re going to have to have some kind of background in the paint industry for that,” Chaboudy said.

Powder coating goes from powder to liquid when heated to 600 degrees for an average of 30 minutes. It’s also cheaper than paint. 1Coat applies powder coating for parts used in the solar industry, a major delivery service for a growing operation.

“There are times where we can have 30-40 parts up on the rack at one shot, and we are able to do 10 to 15 racks per run,” Moore said.

1Coat provides a competitive wage, and benefits including paid lunches and holidays immediately after hire. It has 14 workers, with room to add five more.

“We’re very busy right now. We’re looking to grow and we’re looking to add local employees,” Chaboudy said.

1Coat Powder Coating is in Mahoning County. It just has a Salem mailing address. You can apply in person at 14000 W. Middletown Rd., Salem, 44460 (330-320-2155) or send a note of interest through its website.