YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown is the home to a company that makes products you can see on store shelves everywhere.

Trivium specializes in aluminum packaging, and it’s a pretty cool place to work. It’s hiring right now and the position comes with a big bonus.

Trivium is hiring 30 operators right now and plans to hire 70 more when it adds a new line in the future.

Operators just need a high school diploma. There’s a $4,000 sign-on bonus right now and workers are eligible for healthcare coverage on the first day. Trivium provides the training.

“No less than 40 minutes it goes from raw aluminum to a decorated sellable product. It’s just absolutely beautiful and our products on the shelves just pop and stand out like no other companies,” said Jeremy Jones, quality and operational excellence manager.

Trivium operates 13 lines in Youngstown, which have four line segments producing aluminum cans from start to finish. It has over 50 locations around the world. The operators are just as important as the R&D and Innovation Department which designs the cans.

“Yes, I may be leading the department and looking for ways to engage with customers and that, but the actual people in the operators here are the ones doing it,” said Nicole Gailey, director of R&D and Innovation.

Trivium makes up to 200 cans per minute. It produces over a million cans a day, 400 million a year. There’s no doubt you see the products on the shelf.

“Our company tagline is ‘We contain what matters.” So, we make food, beverage, wine, water containers, products that you put on your body and beautify yourself with,” Jones said.

Operators are also in charge of quality. Inspections are done throughout the four line segments as a can goes from an aluminum ingot to a finished product. It’s that final product that Trivium workers take great pride in.

“When I go to the store or Target with my family. I’m going to look at our containers–a seven-year employee. I’m still that passionate about it,” Jones said.

Trivium has one line dedicated to cheese cans and produces 32 million a year.

You can apply in person at 1 Performance Place, Youngstown, or through Trivium’s website.

Wednesday, you can learn more and apply through Professional Development in Youngstown. It’s having an Employer Spotlight to learn more about these jobs, the pay and benefits. Professional Development is at 6 West Federal Street.