(WKBN) – You might have already gotten a knock at your door, or you might expect to get one in the future: Jehovah’s Witnesses are resuming their door-to-door ministries.

In-person worship services resumed in April. At that time, they weren’t comfortable resuming door-to-door ministries due to COVID-19.

Now, they say people have more options to keep themselves safe, and they are excited to return to a practice that’s a cornerstone of their faith.

“When we first suspended our door knocking, there were only 249 deaths reported in the United States because of COVID. Of course, that grew to well over 1 million,” says Jehovah’s Witness spokesperson Aaron Purvis. “But now, we feel like we have some choices. We have vaccinations. We have therapeutics if a person gets this horrible disease. We know the importance of wearing a mask.”

On Sept. 1, Jehovah’s Witnesses started knocking on doors for ministry. First News was told there were likely 1 million or more witnesses out that day sharing what they call a message of “hope and comfort.”