YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Jewish Community Center held a “Chalk Over Hate” event Friday.

The “Chalk Over Hate: Fighting Antisemitism Through Public Art,” is a campaign by Artists 4 Israel that empowers everyone to use their creativity in support of combating antisemitism and all forms of hate.

Three artists were featured, and used chalk and paint to create murals on the ground with positive messages.

“This is the second part to something we started in the summer, in the summer we participated in a nationwide day called “Chalk Over Hate” and we were lucky enough to have the second highest attendance in the whole entire country,” said Barbara Wilson, arts and culture director at JCC.

After that success, the center decided to have a second part to it. Community members were welcomed to come out and create art as well. There were messages drawn calling for peace, love and forgiveness.

“There’s been a lot of antiemetic vandalism and so we’re trying to do art that gives the perception of peace and love and bringing people together instead of art that is divisive,” Wilson said.

All three artists traveled to the area, one coming all the way from Texas.