Jackson-Milton ends school year with a bang

Local News

This is the last week of class at Jackson-Milton Schools, but one end-of-the-year tradition always ends with a bang.

Students plan and build rockets using scientific methods. It’s a unique learning tool, according to Teacher Brian Weidenthal. 

“It kind of came from an opportunity to apply the different concepts they’ve learned throughout the year,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for them to get some hands-on application.” 

Once the fins were attached to the bottle rockets and it was balanced, the rockets were ready for flight. 

“It goes about a football field length. The better ones, a little over that. The not-so-good ones, I’ve actually had some go straight up and straight down,” Weidenthal said. 

As crowds of elementary school kids watched, an air compressor was hooked up, and one-by-one, students tested their rockets.

Even though some rockets barely made it to the range, other rockets soared. The furthest went 162 feet.

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