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Dreamers are playing the lottery

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Another big week for the lottery – two gigantic jackpots.

At Colla’s Market in Austintown, the lottery ticket machine was humming. Owner John Colla said they just received a new shipment of paper so the machine doesn’t run out.

“We just 20 rolls of paper, which we go through 2,3,4 rolls every day. We spit out a lot of tickets,” Colla said.

Dreamers are playing the lottery, Mega Million and Powerball, with both jackpots over $700 million. And the lottery is bringing in business.

“Sold out of milk because of the Mega craziness,” Colla said.

Colla’s has been in business since 1955. At one time, it was among the few stores that sold lottery tickets. Now, you can buy them everywhere. It’s important to sell them, and lottery players know it.

“They’ve got every scratch off under the sun so might as well stop here,” said customer Sam Tablak.

Colla said the lottery is an important part of his business.

“Without the lottery, a lot of us small stores wouldn’t be in business,” he said.

The standard agreement is that lottery sellers get a nickel for every ticket they sell. It may not sound like much in a drawing with an $850 million jackpot.

“If you sell enough of them, the nickels pile up,” Colla said.

Colla said the lottery represents about one-third of his profits, and his store has a reputation for being a lucky place. The next winner could join Colla’s four other $1 million dollar winners over the years.

“100 million other people across the USA. Everybody’s excited. They all want to win, but somebody’s eventually going to hit it,” Tablak said.

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