EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – This year was a big year for girls wrestling as the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) held its first-ever state-sanctioned tournament last weekend. Locally, five schools were represented, including East Liverpool by junior Makyah Newlun. She made Potters history as an undefeated (19-0) number 1 seed in her weight class.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Ryan Willis, associate principal at East Liverpool High School.

Newlun placed third out of eight in her weight class in the OHSAA Girls Wrestling State Tournament.

“As much as I am disappointed that I didn’t win, like, I’m still very proud of myself. I came a very long way,” Newlun said.

Her success is a by-product of all the work in the weight room and on the mat she’s consistently putting in.

“What my days consist of is I go to the gym as much as possible. I’ll train as much as possible. I travel out of state, across the country to go to different tournaments and everything because that’s what I want to do. Any opportunity I get, I take it,” Newlun said.

On top of putting in hours at the gym and on the mat, Newlun was also breaking into a male-dominated sport.

“To have somebody like Makyah leading that charge and introducing women to the sport and encouraging them to participate, there’s no better person for these young ladies to be looking up to,” Willis said.

“I’m glad that I can inspire other girls. If any girls are considering wrestling, I 100% recommend it,” Newlun said.

While wrestling is an individual sport, Newlun thanks those helping her on her journey like Willis for the support on and off the mat.

“I’ve competed on many different teams and all those coaches have given me so much support. I appreciate it so much. It’s amazing,” Newlun said.

Newlun has no plans of stopping. She hopes she can wrestle in college while studying criminal justice. She’d like to join the military police and hopefully be a prison guard one day.

“I think that would be pretty cool,” Newlun said.

Something to add to an already pretty cool resume.

“She’s an amazing young lady, she’s a great student, a hard worker and I think all of those things when they’re all wrapped together is what allows her to be so successful in wrestling,” Willis said.